Organizational Maturity

Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3®) is a relatively new concept in the international and Middle East Markets.  Intrinsic is one of the first consultancies in the region offering Assessment and Consultancy services not only in a passive “this is what you have” manner, but in a very engaging and interactive way that answers the “Why, How, How Much” did I get here questions, and how to get there inquiries.

OPM3® aims at providing the organizations with a mechanism to measure their maturity in Organizational Project Management against a comprehensive set of relevant best practices.  Organizations can then plan for improvements in various areas which reflect at the organization’s ability to achieve the strategic objectives.



For Intrinsic Consulting, our primary goal is to improve the organization efficiency to be able to deliver its services to its customers and achieve its objectives.  Within its mission to increase organizational maturity, Intrinsic Consulting assesses the current situation against related best practices, and then generates recommendations to enhance, develop, and excel.

Our success stories in this domain have proven the following:

  • Organizations applying OPM3® have increased ability in identifying and delivering the right projects needed to achieve their strategy and realize business benefits.
  • With OPM3® projects experience an improved project performance, better predictability, better resource allocation, and better Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Organizations that assessed their maturity against OPM3® best practices have shown better controlled costs due to projects alignment with strategy.  They are no longer working on projects without business value.